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BudFits for your iPhone and iPod Make For Comfortable Listening

I love my iPhone and iPod. I listen to podcasts a lot and love the learning. Here is a device you want to examine that is simple and easy to install. Just fits over the ear comfortably.

They are very secure also. If you have an active lifestyle you’ll appreciate the ability they have to stay firmly on your ear while being so comfortable you almost forget you are wearing them.

Watch this video to see them in action. BudFits from Innovelis. Good for your iPod and iPhone users who needs gifts and for $8.95 it is hard to go wrong with these.


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  1. BK Kapadia

    I just got these from amazon for my Iphone 3G. They are great but there are a couple of hinders about it. The little clicker on the right ear bud wire becomes useless because this causes the clicker to now just be below your ear. You can see that in this video that does the review. It also brings the wire where it splits closer to your neck making it feel like you may be choking yourself just a bit.

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