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NetFlix and Adapting To Change Today

Business-Building Ideas From Terry L. Brock

NetFlix’s CEO thinks their business is doomed. This is in spite of record sales and the stock price doing well. Why does Reed Hastings, CEO of NetFlix, think that? He is smart!

Very Smart.

Terry Brock, MBA, CSPHe sees what is coming and knows that their distribution model of DVD delivery won’t last more than a few short years. However, even in the midst of their business doing very well, he is adapting and changing.

This is what you and I need to do in our own businesses. Watch this short video (4:41) and you’ll discover some important principles that what help you adapt in this or any economy.

Also, you’ll see some valuable information at the conclusion of this video on how you can get my new book, “Relationship Marketing: It’s NOT about E-Commerce (Electronics); It’s About R-Commerce (Relationships)” This can help transform your business and how you connect with others. Check it out now and you can get it online and we give away the paper book for free! Find out how on the video.

Time to change is now! NetFlix continues to do an excellent job and show us how to remodel our own businesses. Watch the video and then let me know what you think. Leave a comment (below) so others can also benefit from your thoughts.

I look forward to hearing from you —- as do many thousands of others!

Enjoy the video!


7 Responses

  1. Terry,

    You have really hit on a topic that all business leaders need to consider – how to reinvent their business model even if they are currently doing well.

    As a print magazine publisher/franchisor, I am constantly evaluating whether people will be reading printed magazines in the future or not. You have wisely been coaching me for some time to develop a parallel model on the internet.

    Your point “I get the things I want when I want them” is extremely important for all business owners to consider. To survive and thrive, business leaders must ask “How does this apply to my business?”

    Thanks very much for bringing this important business lesson to us.

    Gina Carr

  2. Terry – you touch directly on the issue with which I have been wrestling. I will order your book. we sell capital equipment – complex pumps and water treatment systems, so we do not try to sell on line. Rather, we need to learn of requirements early on, supply the engineer the information necessary to get our products designed in – and during that process develop a relationship with that engineer. Does that sound familiar>

  3. This is exactly how I see it too Terry! As a video producer of Internet based marketing video, digital files easily available and accessible on the net are the way to go. Thanks for the great timing on this post!!

  4. We’re doomed! I could see the line of thinking that DVDs will be outdated but the fact that he is changing the model so drastically when they are on the top of their game is astonishing. Thank you, Terry, for reminding me not to take for granted my successes and always move forward.

  5. Ripper post, Terry; one of your best. It really resonated with me, as I’m eight months into reinventing The Feisty Empire. I used to write 4-8 job ads a day for print newspapers. Now there are few jobs, and fewer ads, in thinner newspapers.

    To compensate, I’ve started corporate blogging (i.e. writing ‘creative non fiction’). As you can see from my link, it’s going great guns. Speaking of films, it’s ‘March or Die’ for Legionnaires and the same for us in business. Well, I’m marching! Best regards, P. 🙂

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