How to survive political hostility when trying to run a business

How to survive political hostility when trying to run a business

Whoa! Have you sensed the level of political rivalry in this year’s election?

This seems to be much more intense this year. Notice the attacks on Trump supporters and the attacks by Trump supporters on opposition attendees at Trump rallies.

Yes, the American political scene has been known to be particularly venomous throughout history.

I think of the 1800 election, which Thomas Jefferson called “The second American Revolution.” The fighting was rancorous between Jefferson and Adams. The campaign of 1824 between Andrew Jackson and John Quincy Adams was also particularly bitter.

Yet, this election seems even more vicious, at least by 20th and 21st century standards. I’m wondering how it affects relationship marketing for small businesses and entrepreneurs like you and me.

Here are some ideas:

Political sharing idea #1 — Politics shouldn’t mix with business

You can lose business by sharing political ideas that aren’t related to your business.

If you sell widgets, we don’t care what your political views are, we just want value in the widgets we purchase. As soon as you identify with a particular position, you can alienate those on the opposing side, particularly in a hostile political environment like we face today.

Political sharing idea #2 — You’ve got more important things to do — like focus on business!

You only have so much TME (time, money, energy). What you expend towards one area takes away from others.

A strong case can be made that the TME you put into voicing and arguing politics is taken from generating new ideas for marketing, selling, and making your products better for potential customers. Focus your TME on business and what you can do to better serve customers.

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