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Kevin Harrington Gives Top Tips for Business Success Today

Business-Building Action from Terry Brock

How often do you get to sit and talk with someone who has helped millions (literally!) of business owners to invest in and build their businesses? In this interview I had with SharkTank’s Kevin Harrington, you get to benefit from that.

Just the other day I had the opportunity to talk with Kevin Harrington about what is working today. What he said was incredibly powerful and it correlates with everything I’ve seen happening today. In his interview we go deep into what is working and what isn’t. Kevin took time from his busy schedule to talk with me, and Gina Carr, the producer of the video.

We did this as part of the work we’re doing for FreedomFest this year. This is a gathering that happening in July in Las Vegas each year. If you haven’t heard about it yet, you’ll want to check it out at Freedom Fest.

This is a video you’ll want to watch carefully and take good notes while viewing. I thoroughly enjoyed doing this.

Oh, one other thing I need to mention: Sometimes when you meet people who are very successful (Kevin is well-known from his work with SharkTank, Home Shopping Network, and other ventures) and is rich (Kevin’s wealth is estimated at over $450 million), they are not friendly one-on-one. Kevin was very helpful, most kind, and genuinely gracious when it was just him and me on camera (prepping for the event), during our recording, and after (when we stopped recording). He was a gentleman, in the purest and most dignified historical sense of that word. In the video we mentioned his book he co-authored with Daniel Priestley, Key Person of Influence. I purchased his book online and have read it. WOW! What a powerful reference of solid ideas for business and life. I read a lot of books. This one is one of the best I’ve seen in a long time! Get it. Devour it. Implement it’s ideas.

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Terry Brock, MBA, CSP, CPAE
Member, Professional Speaker Hall of Fame
Certified Speaking Professional

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