5 ways to rejuvenate dormant business relationships

5 ways to rejuvenate dormant business relationships

Business is about establishing, building and maintaining important relationships.

Yet in the real world, there are times when a relationship comes to an end or endures a long pause.

This could be for a number of reasons. If you want to rejuvenate a now-dormant relationship, what can you do?

In my work with companies about relationship marketing, I get questions about how to rejuvenate a relationship that is not as strong as it once was. Here are some steps that can help you as you face this challenge.

Relationship Rejuvenator No. 1 — Determine if it is worth it

First, determine if this is a relationship you want rejuvenated. Sometimes it is best to let sleeping dogs lie rather than get back into a relationship with someone who didn’t pay on time, was difficult to deal with, etc.

Was the problem a disagreement, a simple neglect of contact, or was there a misunderstanding? What is the motivating factor to rejuvenate it? Whatever the reason for the problem, make sure it is worth the TME (time, money, energy) to bring the relationship back to life.

Relationship Rejuvenator No. 2 — Find advantages for the other party

To rejuvenate a relationship that will come back and stay back, think about how you can make the re-connection beneficial for them. This can be a new product that meets their needs better than what you had before. It could be a change in personnel on your side if there was a problem with one of your staff.

Be creative and find ways the other party will benefit by investing the TME to rekindle a dormant or lethargic relationship. The advantage of “new” can bring a fresh dynamic to rekindle great opportunities.

Relationship Rejuvenator No. 3 — Remember the past does not equal the future

Don’t assume that everything is as it once was. Business and life probably have changed for both of you. Do an assessment of where they are now. Explore new opportunities to help them. Be open to new possibilities that didn’t exist before.

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