How the best salespeople read between the lines

How the best salespeople read between the lines

You know how Google will ask if you meant another spelling of the word when you type something wrong?

It is also kind enough to give you lists of what you probably meant.

I like having that “Didn’t you mean to type ___ instead?” kind of corrective system built into our most-used search system.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have that with people we know, particularly our customers?

Perhaps some kind engineer will come up with a tool so we can see what they really meant flash on their forehead (just a thought!) so we could know what our spouses or significant others really meant! (Engineers, get to work on that one, okay?)

To understand people better, sometimes you’ve got to read (and listen) between the lines. This is imperative with relationship marketing. You have to find out not just what is being said with the actual words, but use your broader observational skills to piece other communication components together.

Why didn’t the customer place their regular order with you? Was it something you said or did? What is something that could have been slightly remiss on your or your staff’s part?

Here are some ways to observe what is really going on:

  • Body language
  • Voice inflections, not just the words they say
  • Postings on social media
  • Google pieces things together intelligently; as a successful salesperson you should too
  • Other public communication postings

The key is to use more skills than just listening to the actual words said in communication.

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