Acceptable is the assassin of amazing

Acceptable is the assassin of amazing

Acceptable is the assassin of amazing

Gary O’Sullivan is a thought leader, professional speaker and author. His statement is the title of this article.

He is also a friend and client of mine. I think his statement is profound and something that can awaken all of us in what we do.

We can lose a lot when we settle for acceptable.

Acceptable can be a very sad word. It’s a close cousin to adequate. Both of those words can be the assassins of amazing.

Too many people don’t push themselves beyond acceptable to achieve amazing when they can. They let acceptable assassinate the amazing work they can produce. They lose, and others around them lose when they tolerate or settle for mere acceptable performance.

Make it your goal to stop settling for acceptable when you know you should be achieving amazing.

Decide where to be amazing

Achieving amazing requires a lot of your TME (time, money, energy). You can’t give everything in every area. If you try, you’ll burn out. Trying to give everything in everything you do depletes your valuable TME resources.

In some areas, acceptable is just fine. Successful people determine the key areas where they need to be nothing short of amazing then pour their resources into those areas to achieve success.

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