6 Steps to Success - Make Buyers Want What You Have

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6 Steps to Success – Make Buyers Want What You Have

6 Steps to Success – Make Buyers Want What You Have

The key in business is to become the highly desirable item that your buyers want. Think of a scale. On the left side is the attitude they have that they don’t have any interest in or desire for your product/service.
On the right side of that scale is the “I gotta’ have it and I don’t care what the cost is” side.

Spam is perceived by buyers as deep left-side territory. As buyers become more knowledgable about what you do and more interested in what you have to offer, you slowly move from left to right.

Think of the far right side as a thirst-ravaged man in the desert who needs water. You are the one offering clean, cool, delicious water. The price is irrelevant. The buyer wants it and will do almost anything to get what you have.
Dan Kennedy once said that he wants to be the only restaurant in a town with starving people who have lots of money. That is far-right scale positioning.

You want to move from the far left to the far right on this scale. How to do it? Here are 6 steps to success that will help you accomplish that goal:

  1. Become known in a highly favorable and pleasant way. This usually rules out spamming someone. If they don’t want or need what you have, they view you as a distraction, at best, an irritating disruption or bothersome curse at worst.
  2. Gradually build that trust as you move on the Know, Like, Trust scale.
  3. Do your research. Find out what it is they want and what key buzz words trigger their interest.
  4. Offer scarcity to increase demand.
  5. Make pricing fair for them and profitable for you. Hey, this is business. If you sell at a loss, you go out of business soon. Price so that it is doable, maybe a bit on the “high” side, but something that they crave.
  6. Build “cravable” products and services. Make what you do so desirous that they want it.

Think about Apple and the fan base it has. They have a dynamism and magnetism that creates a solid buzz. Think about the product introductions that were made when Steve Jobs would announce a new product. People were lined up for hours or even days in anticipation of the new iPod, iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro and other devices. Pricing was a bit higher than some competitors, but not so much that it was completely out of reach.

Keep in mind that you, as a marketer, really want to sell your products and services to others. This is your mindset. If you “push” your info to them and they are on the left side of that scale, you are going to come across in a negative way. Worse yet, you will be branded it the minds of potential buyers as a spammer, a “pushy” salesperson or worse.
Don’t play that game!

Yes, it is tempting to push hard for the sale. Convert that feeling for pushing to building rapport and bonds. Find out the needs your target market has and speak to that. Wrap your brain around what they want. Walk a mile in their moccasins and really get into their state of mind.Then talk with them in a conversational manner whether you’re using Social Media, traditional copy writing, audio, video or any other channel. Talk to them with the words they use. Express their pain in their way. Let them feel like you are one of them.

When they move, of their own volition, to the right side of the scale desiring what you have and wanting more of it. you will be very successful in marketing and selling.

How it Has Changed
In the past you’d sell something to your group and then engage them. They would see your TV ad, hear your radio commercial or see the old Fuller Brush salesman in the door (remember those?).
Today we engage with people in common areas of interest. They get to know you. They get to like you. You build trust with them. After you’ve gone through those steps, you can have them as strong advocates for you, not just one-time transactional customers.

Social Media gives you the power and possibilities to reach more people cheaper and in a longer-lasting way than ever before. However, it has to be done right or you’re shooting yourself in the foot.
Make it your commitment today to move the perception your potential buyers have of you from the far-left side (they don’t know you or your product and don’t really want to know about it) to the far right side (raving fans who are not price sensitive and adore you). Make it your drive and ambition to persuasively move people into the realm of loving your products and wanting them, no matter what the cost.

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