Succeed in a Constantly Changing World

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Succeed in a Constantly Changing World

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Do you remember the BlackBerry? Yes, I’m talking about that “must-have” phone that was very popular just a few years ago. In this fun video you’ll see the story in the Wall Street Journal where I talk about where they are today.

I also talk about Costco and what is going on with them. More importantly, we talk about the implications this has for you, and how you need to think in a world that is constantly changing. How do you succeed in a constantly changing world? This video can help you find out.

This video can help you now and into the future in a world that is guaranteed to change. Not only that, we’re seeing the change increasing at an increasing rate.

I look forward to hearing from you and your comments. Please share this with your community as this kind of information needs to be shared with others.

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