Special Video - New Facebook Live Tool

Facebook Live Special Announcement

Special Video – New Facebook Live Tool

Business-Building Action from Terry Brock

I wanted to share this with you as a member of my community. You are signed up to receive my newsletters and I want to share with you information that comes out so you can take advantage of it.

You probably know that Facebook Live is a very popular way to connect with people. It is a fresh, alive way that your community gets to know you, like you, and trust you. Video is powerful for connecting and live video has that extra special “umph” (technical term!) to make it work even better.

I have been using BlueJeans OnSocial with Facebook Live. Now another tool is available and I just did a Facebook Live with BlueJeans OnSocial to let you know. I have saved the video (downloading from FB, then uploading to YouTube) to share with you. This way you can not just watch it, but study it and see what is happening.

Catch this short video and you’ll be pleased you did it. Please share this with others on your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels. That way we can share the message and help more people.

What do you think of this new development I talk about (watch the FB Live video to see)? I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best,


Terry Brock, MBA, CSP, CPAE
Member, Professional Speaker Hall of Fame
Certified Speaking Professional


6 Responses

    1. Terry

      Thank you for visiting, Diane. I should have talked much more about this. Zoom provides the benefit of bringing in several other people on the screen (up to 25). I wouldn’t want that many but 2-3 could be very good in a discussion. Also you can share your screen which means you have the ability to use PowerPoint or Keynote slides as part of a presentation (nice). With Zoom you can also share your smartphone or tablet screens to illustrate topics. I do this often with Zoom when I interview an author and have passages of the author’s book on the screen.

      Thank you for asking such a relevant and important question, Diane. Always good to have you stop by for a visit.

  1. Dee

    Do I need BlueJeans to get my live FB video to download to youtube? I’m tried several ways from my video and am still stymied. I use Zoom – freebie – to coach clients. How does it benefit me to use it with FB live. I guess it’s the same answer above. I always gain great tools and tips from you, my friend. Thanks.

    1. Terry

      Hi Dee! Nice to hear from you! You don’t have to have BlueJeans, but it is a nice add-on that gives you a lot of advanced capabilities with Facebook Live. You can still download an MP4 of your video within Facebook. Watch for the downward-pointing caret in the upper-right corner of your FB post. Often you’ll see the “Download this video” notice.

      Hope this helps. All the best to you, Dee!

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