Become “Strategically Ruthless” in Your Learning


Become “Strategically Ruthless” in Your Learning

Business-Building Action from Terry Brock

Successful people today know it is imperative to learn skill sets and information that can give you a strategic advantage. By knowing how to help others, you will be able to do well in the future no matter what happens.

However, in implementing these ideas, we often run into challenges. You might be able to relate to this. I attend a lot of seminars and conferences in my work, as you probably do as well. It was a few years ago that I went to a particular seminar where there was a gentleman who is well-known as a communicator in the Internet marketing space.

This person whom I’ll call Bob (not his real name) talked about how he has been so successful in the world. He was quick to reference all his sales and how much he sold on a regular basis. He also made some claims that I found to be quite absurd. He would base his claims only on his personal experience rather than cite research. Since we were in the Pacific Northwest, his examples related to what happened in that area, but didn’t relate to the other parts of the country or the rest of the world.


My thought was to dismiss this person and I began to regret being there at the the event. However, after he got past some of the absurd assertions that he was making, I found Bob was brilliant and insightful and several other key areas. In fact, months later I was able to implement some of his ideas helping me in business. Bob had a lot of good ideas in some areas, even though he had other ideas that were ridiculous.

This is how life works. No one is perfect. We know this intellectually, yet we still long for that “ultimate guru” who will be the one to lead us into the garden of Eden. Well I have some bad news for you if you’re looking for such a person–––no one exists who meets all of your needs in every area. It is up to you to learn strategically and learn in an eclectic manner.

Here are some steps I recommend for you to enhance your strategic learning:

Learning1. Understand that we need to continually learn relevant, new material. The days are long over where you go to school, graduate and stop learning. You want to make continual learning your habit. We often hear about lifelong learning, and I agree with that idea. However, I think we need to embrace “day long learning” on a regular basis. I define this as learning something new every day. Make that your new motto and practice.

2. Recognize that no one is perfect as you select a learning coach. You’re going to find people who demonstrate a strong sense of competency in certain areas, while they have an abysmal lack of knowledge–– and perhaps social skills–– in others. Make your mind a sifter. Filter through all that is thrown at you and separate the good from the bad. Practice living eclectically so you’re able to keep the good, while you analyze and discard the bad.

3. Become “strategically ruthless” in your learning. By this I mean that you aggressively learn from a wide variety of sources and individuals. Don’t reject someone just because they espouse a certain philosophy that you don’t embrace. Live your life eclectically as you discern what they are saying and sharpen your critical thinking skills. You’ll be a better person for being more open to other options.

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Life is meant for learning. It is meant for growth. Make it your goal to keep an open mind and continually refresh your learning with people from a variety of sources. Be willing to put in the time, the money, and the energy to implement your goals. I wish you much continued success in your learning adventures,

All the best,


Terry Brock, MBA, CSP, CPAE
Member, Professional Speaker Hall of Fame
Certified Speaking Professional

Former Chief Enterprise Blogger for Skype
Former Editor-in-Chief for AT&T’s largest blog (over 100 genius authors)
Co-Author of the McGraw-Hill best-selling book, Klout Matters: How to Engage Customers, Boost Your Digital Influence — and RAISE YOUR KLOUT SCORE for SUCCESS.

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