LinkedIn Changes - What You Need To Know

LinkedIn Changes – What You Need To Know

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In business today, Linkedin is a powerful tool for building relationship marketing. Thought leaders including coaches, professional speakers, authors, and others use LinkedIn extensively.

Recently, they made some major changes in the program that you need to know about. To help you on this I put together a Facebook live presentation which was done over BlueJeans, the video delivery tool. And to bring you some of the best information I tapped into the genius of my friend, Phil Gerbyshak.

Phil is a man who has a knack of delivering in a profoundly personal and meaningful way. In this video he shares his screen to demonstrate specific, Nitti-Grady techniques that you’ll want to use in LinkedIn. Yep! This is another good one where you will want to take a lot of notes and study what is being done so that you can maximize your value from LinkedIn.

Please share this with your network. A lot of people are using LinkedIn and are confused by the new changes. Phil clears up a lot of those questions in this video and you can help others by sharing this with your social media community.

You can reach Phil:

Enjoy the video! I look forward to hearing from you!

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