Brilliant sound delivered in ultra-small headphones

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Virtual reality, Apple HomeKit devices, and brilliant sound delivered in ultra-small headphones

Brilliant sound delivered in ultra-small headphones

Imagine a world where you immerse yourself into learning, training, and entertainment so vividly real that you forget you’re using a device. That world is not just theoretical. It is called virtual reality, and it is one of the hottest trends in technology today.

Virtual reality was vividly on display at the CES trade show in Las Vegas sponsored by the Consumer Technology Association. For me, this was an exciting time, as I was able to visit the booth of Chinese company 3Glasses as they demonstrated their new D2 headset.

Philip Kong, the COO of 3Glasses, gave me my first real-world experience in virtual reality (VR). In sum, even this jaded journalist was impressed. The new D2 headset that Mr. Kong let me use was comfortable, and once I adjusted it to fit my head, ears, and eyes, it was like being in another world. Yep! I was a happy boy.

Then they fired up the demonstration where I was able to create images and what appeared to be boxes. I could stretch them, manipulate them, and even (virtually) throw the boxes around. The experience was incredible.

The possibilities are virtually (good word) unlimited for entering a new world created by programmers. This would include, but not be limited to:

  • Simulation of learning to fly, drive, or operate real-world transportation vehicles
  • Simulation of language learning. Language learning experts often cite the benefits of immersion learning. This is one of the best ways to bring in visual and auditory experiences to facilitate learning a new language.
  • Skill acquisition. Think about the benefits of learning, for instance, to play the piano using virtual reality. A skilled instructor could be programmed to help you learn specific songs.
  • Training. Think of how you could train personnel whose job operates in dangerous situations. The benefits in cost-savings and enhanced safety are only the beginning.

The possibilities are unlimited. I know from my experience with the 3Glasses VR device, it was amazing.

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