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Raspberry microphone is a useful tool for ​portable, powerful audio

Being mobile and adaptable in any environment has been a strong competitive advantage for centuries. In today’s world you want to have the tools you use to promote your products and compete in a white-hot world of Internet speed.

One of the most powerful ways to promote your product is through video. We see video being used not only through YouTube, but now tools like Facebook Live give a vivid, real presence to your product.

The most important part of video is audio. People need to see you, yes, but more than that, they need to hear from you. You want to make sure your audio is clear, understandable and is not even noticed — because it is so good.

I recently encountered the new Raspberry microphone from Blue Microphones. I’ve used their Yeti microphone for years and have been very pleased with the quality of sound coming from it. It is a great studio microphone and I’ve often wished that it was lighter and more portable.

Now Blue Microphones has come up with a mic that packs the power of a studio into the palm of your hand. It is called the Raspberry and it provides studio quality in the power you can carry with you, even in carry-on luggage.

The units weighs less than six ounces and is compact enough to fit in the small velvet bag provided with the mic. It also has two cables included; one for a connection to your USB for Windows and Mac computers, and the other for iOS connection to your Apple iPhone or iPad.

I’ve used this for dictation on my Mac and it works very well. This is important for productivity on the road when you’re using your laptop. You can talk faster than you can type. When you can dictate letters, emails, and other tasks you get more done faster. Having a microphone that picks up your sounds clearly means less mistakes and less time correcting errors. This all translates to getting more done faster and being more productive.

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