How to build your following: Wisdom from the largest online news network in the world

How to build your following: Wisdom from The Young Turks – the largest online news network in the world

Today’s world of new media functions quite differently than the old media did years ago. Today you have the opportunity to compete with much larger networks and resources even if you only have a small budget.

You are able to build your business even as an entrepreneur or very small business and compete effectively with those who have much more resources. The key is that you have to follow certain procedures that work today.

Recently, I had the opportunity to talk to the cofounder and main host of a program called The Young Turks. His name is Cenk Uygur, and he started a project in 2002 that has now become a large and influential online news network. They are largely political in nature, but you and I can learn a lot about the business wisdom that they have gained over the years.

Uygur shared with me many of the concepts and ideas that helped him to get ahead. Here are three points that he mentioned which I found to be particularly good:

1. Express your ideas

Be real in the opinions you express and offer to your audience. Go with what you know is right for you where there is a sizable audience.

The Young Turks is a political organization that has some ideas considered progressive or liberal. They also consider themselves strong capitalists. The business principles that they embrace would warm the heart of any entrepreneur who wants to build a strong community.

By expressing your ideas in a genuine, real way, you’re able to reach out to a market and help them. The market respects this today, and you have to find the niche that agrees with you.

2. Monetize your message

When you go online to promote your business, you have to realize this is about business. How do you monetize a strong following of loyal followers?

The Young Turks network does it by providing free material and paid material at different levels. Think about how you can offer free material to solve the biggest problems that your market is facing. It’s a good idea to offer some of this for free in the form of your podcast, a video, a blog, or some other way.

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