Live the Life Of Your Dreams: 2 Necessary Steps To Make it Happen

life of your dreams

Live the Life Of Your Dreams: 2 Necessary Steps To Make it Happen

Business-Building Action From Terry Brock

You are lucky to be alive today! The opportunities available for people who want to work and get ahead are better today than ever before in history. Technology has empowered us to operate from almost anywhere on the planet creating content and adding value for people. Technology is empowering us today as never before.

Think back to the way things were not that long ago in the 50s or the 60s. In most of the Western world people would join a company, put in their time for a career and then expect some kind of a gold watch or other gift when their time is over. Realistically, many people, even most, trudged through years of the job they didn’t like just for a paycheck.

Today the world is different. Opportunities are abundant for those willing to hustle, learn new skills continually, and be a value creator for others. Oh yes, we recognize the world’s problems as well. We see the scourge of governments around the world looking over our shoulder more and more, there are threats of terrorism, and the threat of war is ever possible.

Yet on the other hand, we have the Internet which is connecting us with people around the world and creating opportunities for income generation better than ever. Crypto currencies give us the power to transact business and exchange funds faster and at less cost than ever before in history. Not only that, the Chicago Cubs won the World Series! (Miracles do happen!)

For those who are seeking stable income, stable employment and “security” (not really found in any job), they are in for some shocks and rude awakenings. Companies cannot and have repeatedly demonstrated they are not able to provide that type of stability, let alone security.

A major development that many see as optimistic is the decline of respect for and trust in governments around the world. Often we hear people talk about England leaving the EU (Brexit), the election of Donald Trump in the United States (the first president who never served in government or military previously), the rise of counter establishment figures in other countries around the world, and a growing disrespect for politicians in many nations. The old way of government control and assumed superior abilities who are seen as all wise and all-knowing is being seriously questioned and rejected. This creates enormous opportunities for those who are willing to offer products and services of value in the free market.

You have a choice to make. You can be depressed that things are not the way they were. Of course, this has been true for centuries. You could also be like those who have succeeded and done enormously well throughout history. These successful people see what is happening and look for new opportunities amidst the massive changes.

Instead of trusting in antiquated institutions to take care of them, successful people today are living unconventionally. They are creating their own environments and thinking like an entrepreneur even if they have a traditional job. I’m amazed at what is possible with new technologies like drones, crypto currencies, the shared economy (think Uber, Airbnb, and other services like that), 3D printing, and more.

Enormous opportunities await in fields like crypto currencies, biomedical technology, cyber security and many other areas. Find those areas that are screaming for a solution to a problem where you have expertise —- and go for it! It usually takes a while to find out how to provide serious value that people will pay for, but it is worth the effort.

The keys are to 1) learn aggressively, and 2) hustle continuously. I remember when I went to business school they told to find a need and fill it. Now is the time more than ever to embrace those two time-honored principles filling those needs you find.

If you are feeling down about your current job, take a look at reality and seek out new options for making the lives of others better. Learn from where you are and figure out ways that you can add value to the world.

Yes, the world is different today. Yes, we recognize there are serious challenges that we cannot ignore. At the same time there are enormous opportunities for those who are willing to pay the price to get ahead. Be willing to put in the time, money, and energy to research the market, develop your skills for problem-solving, and work your tail off to provide value to buyers.

Is it easy? No. However, it is doable and with the right amount of training and effort, you can make it happen today.

What do you think? I look forward to hearing from you and getting your comments.

All the best,


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