How you can always learn — even from jerks

How you can always learn — even from jerks

You know that today, it is important to always keep learning.

Sometimes that learning comes from people who are brilliant in their speciality, but it is very difficult to get along with them.

This creates a challenge for me. Let me share something with you, dear reader. There are some people who are really, well, you know, cantankerous. My natural reaction is to discard them and stay away. However, I’ve also found an annoying reality in that some of them really have good ideas in their area of speciality. That is often infuriating.

I’m thinking of a particular industry guru that I know about who is exceptionally smart. He has helped a lot of people achieve literally millions of dollars in earnings. Yet, at the same time, it is very difficult to get along with him. He prides himself on being very obstinate at times and difficult.

I’ve read many of his books and articles and have watched his videos. He has a lot of wisdom and knowledge in a given area. However, he can be a real jerk!

So what’s an avid, life-long, hungry learner to do?

Kiss a few frogs

You have to look at what’s best for you long-term. Sometimes you have to kiss a few frogs here and there. Sometimes you have to endure that obnoxious, arrogant genius who has a lot of good ideas.

If you’re on a plane that has an emergency, you want the best pilot to safely get you and the other passengers on the ground. You wouldn’t reject that pilot because he might be arrogant or have some other problems. The same thing is true with the brilliant but arrogant surgeon.

Don’t prohibit yourself from getting expert advice, even if the expert is a jerk. Be a little more forgiving. Be a little more tolerant. Realize that we can learn from everyone, even jerks.

You might want to limit your contact with that individual to reading, watching videos and other “at arm’s length” experiences. This way you’re able to learn great information and still retain your sanity.

Somehow, I’m thinking you will be better off when you acquire that knowledge and information you need. And besides, you never know when that jerk might turn around and show a more congenial side.

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