Achieve your marketing goals with this handy tool

Achieve your marketing goals with this handy tool

Businesses today realize that social media is no longer an option for your company. It is vital for reaching customers, staying in touch with customers, and growing your business.

At the same time, it can be overwhelming to understand what you’re doing on the various platforms. Did that post from last Tuesday work on Facebook? Which of those tweets on the new project works better? Are we really reaching anyone on Instagram?

Many companies have adopted an editorial calendar to keep track of the various tools. This works very well and can help to establish a better picture of what’s happening.

Recently I had the opportunity to interview the CEO of a company that specializes in what is called “linear visualization” for social media effectiveness. The company is and their CEO is Chris Gomersall. In the interview I had with him, he explained the importance of integrating your social media efforts to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Note the screen shares he had during that interview to see how you can put your social media efforts together. You want to make sure that it works. Often it is not a single element that brings success in social media or other endeavors. Rather, success comes in the mix of the various elements.

Enjoy this video interview to learn how you can more effectively manage your company’s social media.

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