6 Steps to Build Your Hustle Muscle

6 Steps to Build Your Hustle Muscle

Business-Building Action from Terry Brock

I’ve noticed something interesting in business. Those who work hard, put in the hours, connect with the right people, and master essential market-valuable skills succeed. Those who are lazy or make excuses fail. Those who hustle tend to succeed more.

So how can you develop a hustler mindset? How can you strengthen your “hustle muscle?” Here are 6 choices that might just be that whack upside the head you need today:

Step #1 – Observe Check out what is going on around you. I’ve read about fighter pilots who constantly stress the importance of “situational awareness.” Know what is happening around you. Listen. Look. Be attentive to what is happening to avoid dangers. Remember the greatest danger is ignoring a danger.

Step #2 – Develop your plans Develop a bite size plan that is actionable now. Too often we try to develop the entire plan. That can lead to the old analysis by paralysis. Have a good long-term idea of where you want to go but develop actionable steps for today and even right now.

Step #3 – Take action immediately Some people say when you have a list of tasks you should attack the toughest one first. I understand this reasoning however, I find sometimes you need to start moving slowly. Doing a warm-up before you head into the big tasks can build confidence. Tackle a task that is something you’ll likely complete and will give you that feeling of success. Having that feeling of success then leads to more success. It’s like Walter Wriston, former CEO of Citicorp, said that we need to “Build success upon success.” Taking action right away begins the success process.

Step #4 – Connect With Important People Regularly The only way you’re going to get ahead in the world is by connecting with people. Build relationships. Nurture them. Make it your goal to have a priority on building and nurturing important relationships in your life with the right people. All your success in business will come because of how you positively impact other people. Give yourself many opportunities to help others by being in front of them in real life and in the digital world.

Step #5 – Remember This Important Question “Is this the most productive thing I can do right now?” Make hustle your religion and always think about what you’re doing in the moment. Question if it is the most productive and useful task to help you achieve your goals.

Step #6 – Remember To Rejuvenate and Refresh Developing your hustle muscle is like developing your physical muscle. You might do push-ups, lift weights, or some other exercise to build your muscles. What you’re doing in lifting weights or doing push-ups is tearing down your muscles. The real growth comes when you rest and refresh to allow your body to rebuild at a stronger and better level. Do the same thing as you develop your hustle bustle. Allow ample time for your mind, your body, and your spirit to rejuvenate and refresh. You can’t run at full speed 24/7. Strategically use times of rejuvenation and relaxation to strengthen your hustle muscle.

So what do you think? What do you do to develop your own muscle muscle? Please leave your comments hello. Also, please share this with your subscribers and your Community online. This is a message to world here thank you for sharing.

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