How to use scanner technology to connect with clients, learn more, and listen to great text


How to use scanner technology to connect with clients, learn more, and listen to great text

I’m always looking out for you, dear reader, to help you get a competitive advantage and get more work done in less time.

Here are a couple of tools that I recently had the chance to discover and use in testing for this article. I’ve discovered ways to use these tools to get more customers, enhance your own learning, and listen to delightful text read to you.

I’ve been using the IRIScan Book 5 Wifi handheld scanner. It weighs 12.8 ounces and measures 13” x 2” x 6″. This is an ideal device for scanning books, magazine articles, and other paper.

I have found that the scans I took were consistently clear and readable in my testing for this article. My first question was, “Why would we use this when we can readily use most smart phones today to take a picture?” My initial thought was It would seem that the smartphone has replaced the need for a handheld scanner.

I was wrong.

I discovered that this scanner gives you several advantages over using a smartphone. If you have used your smartphone to try to capture text you know about the challenges with lighting, shadows, and blurry images. A scanner is preferred when you need accuracy. The real beauty of the IRIScan Book 5 Wifi is that it works with software for optical character recognition (OCR).

You can edit scanned documents

The software that comes with it is called Readiris Pro 15. I was very impressed when I downloaded and used it to convert scanned images into formats like DOCX, EPUB, PDF, and even audio. This gives you the ability to edit scanned documents. Think about scanning a page and having the ability to add your own comments, deletions, and more. A big advantage of scanned material that has gone through the OCR process is that it is now searchable.

I particularly liked the ability to scan a page from a book where I had highlighted and entered notes. I grabbed a quote from the page of the book, along with my star and highlights, and put the JPG on Facebook. This helps to better connect with people in a meaningful, more personal way.

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