5 steps to getting attention online

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5 steps to getting attention online

Recently I ran one of my surveys where I asked my subscribers what questions they would have if they were visiting me in Orlando and we were going to get together for just a few minutes for a “ Snack with Terry.”

You might want to follow this same style of asking questions of your customers and followers. You can see how I used Google Forms (great tool) and think how you could use a similar approach to survey your community.

In this survey, one of the top questions coming through was (I’m paraphrasing here) “Terry, how can I get attention online with so much going on out there?”

This is a tough problem, and it is tougher today than ever for entrepreneurs to break through the clutter.

The problem is there is so much good material, we simply can’t keep up with it all. I have subscribed to about 50 great, not just good, podcasts that I love. However, I would have to listen somewhere around 20 to 30 hours each day to process all of them. Then there are another 40 to 50 subscriptions I have with great channels on YouTube. Oh, did I mention all the great websites and Facebook groups that are bursting with great content?

We are overwhelmed with good, even great content today.

That can be bad, but you can still do well, even in a hyper-crowded marketplace. Here are some steps that I’ve found from research, personal experience, and from my clients, that have worked.

Be tightly focused

Identify a niche where you have expertise and where there is a market that’s ready, willing,and able to pay for your services.

Provide problem-solving info

Not just “feel good” ideas. We don’t need another “happy talk,” but in business we need solid answers to real-world problems, delivered in a pleasing and fun way.

Make it fun

And even funny, where appropriate. Going with the flow and not making waves are sure-fire ways to be ignored. That’s not good in business.

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