How to 'upskill' for better opportunities

How to ‘upskill’ for better opportunities

We often hear the outcry of jobs being lost or sent overseas.

Many today are hurt by the loss of their job, and even more are stuck in dead-end jobs they tolerate only because they have to pay the bills.
Many say that the Trump election happened largely because people were scared of losing their jobs and tired of seeing a bleak future.

So what is the solution? How to ‘upskill’ for better opportunities? Is it to bring back old jobs? Should we hope for a 1950s style workplace again?

This is not going to happen. We feel for the people who used to shoe horses who lost their jobs to the horseless carriage, but longing for an idealized “days of yore” scenario has never worked throughout history.

It is better to realize that it is the way of nature and human civilization to see change — sometimes abrupt, life-altering change. Sometimes it hurts. Sometimes it hurts really badly. However, within each setback and difficulty lie the seeds for making life better.

Taking action

A better future is possible, if we are willing to change our thinking, our learning, and our actions. Many are using the word “upskill” for what is needed. defines upskill as: “verb 1. (transitive) to improve the aptitude for work of (a person) by additional training.”

The best part of that is “verb.” This requires action. I call it proactive, take-charge-of-your-future action.

That means you don’t accomplish what you need by complaining, whining or crying. You get what you need by slapping yourself into action and doing what is necessary to learn new market-valuable skills. Be willing to put in the time, money, and energy to create the results you need.

Recently, I had a wonderful opportunity to talk with two people who have helped thousands of job seekers and entrepreneurs achieve better jobs, improve their careers and increase sales. I wanted to find out not only what is happening with a changing job market — it is pretty obvious that we are undergoing massive change — but what employees and job seekers can do now that works. I also wanted to find out what entrepreneurs who take ownership of their lives could do.

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