"Two Corinthians"

“Two Corinthians”

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One of the more humorous episodes of the 2016 US Presidential campaign was when presidential candidate Donald Trump, while speaking to a devout group of Christians, bragged about his admiration of the Bible. He said he liked one of the books and referred to it as “Two Corinthians.”

A brief, but gasping awe went through the crowd as they heard that. Of course, they knew the book as “Second Corinthians” and anyone referring to it as “Two Corinthians” went into the suspect category. This was particularly true when that person was a candidate pleading for their vote claiming to be one of them.

Well, I think of that as I look out over my view this morning. I’m looking at the city of Corinth. This is where the people lived to whom Paul the Apostle, according to biblical teaching, wrote with not one, but two separate letters. They later become part of the Nicaea Council in A.D. 325 which constructed the bible that is embraced by Christians worldwide today. Among the devoted, those books are known as “First and Second Corinthians.” To call the second one “Two Corinthians” is strange and raises suspicion among the devoted, particularly when spoken by someone trying to win their favor.

Enjoy these pictures of Greece. Enjoy looking at the city of Corinth today. I took these on a recent trip to Loutraki and Athens, Greece.

Lesson for today: Be real and don’t try to fake it. You can eventually be found out and you might not even know it.

All the best to you!


P.S. Here’s a picture I got of a very good Greek beer. Try it sometime. You’re welcome! 🙂

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