Keys to Success For an ICO - Initial Coin Offering


Keys to Success For an ICO – Initial Coin Offering

Keys to Success For an ICO – Initial Coin Offering

Many are involved with ICOs, those Initial Coin Offerings that are much like an IPO (Initial Public Offering) we see in stocks. Many of these are doing well, but others are not.

So what are the keys to success with an ICO? What should you do if you’re planning to launch a new coin? What if you want to invest in a coin and you want to make sure they are doing the marketing and promotion right?

Well, those are the issues that I talked about with Dennis Lewis, the Chief Marketing Office of a recently released new coin. He is also a brilliant marketer and is the head of Greenlight Digital (at Greenlight.Digital). In this interview we got nitty-gritty and talked about what is working — and what is not working today (important to hear that!).

Before you invest in a new coin, watch this video to make sure the new coin is doing what is necessary for success with cryptocurrencies. I greatly appreciate you, my loyal community and your input. This one is particularly important if you’re involved with ICOs in any way, shape, or form. Please vote this and leave a message. I answer all messages and look forward to hearing from you.

Much success to you in your next ICO involvement!

Thank you for your views, your upvotes, and your resteems. They mean a lot to me. I really enjoy the comments that so many of you have been leaving.

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