Advanced Content Creation Tips

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Advanced Content Creation Tips

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Advanced Content Creation Tips

This is a special Facebook Live recording that I did where I packed a lot of great ideas and information for you. If you’re a content creator, you’ll want to join me on this special video In it I give a lot of ideas that have worked for me in my own content creation adventure as well as some of the brightest and smartest people who do a lot of content creation.

In this video I discuss topics including:


**Disruptive Technologies** – those which are chasing our world now and into the future.
Teaching With Emerging Technologies. I go through an article here that you’ll want to know about for some creative ways you can use technologies for teaching. This is from an article in higher ed, but it relates to those of us who are trainers, keynoters and other types of presenters.

**How to Use Steemit.** I go through this and actually give an Upvote for my friend Luis Fernando Mises and show you step-by-step how you can do it as well (for Luis or for others you want!).

**The Power of the GIF.** I show you what is available with a GIF and how that can grab attention for you as a content creator. This can help you a lot and literally put some money in your pocket as a content creator. Then I show you a specific tool I’m using to create GIFs and how you can get it.

All of this and more is packed into this episode. Please let me know you what you think and how you’re using some of these or other technologies in your work as a content creator.

If you like this, PLEASE (notice the all-caps emphasis?) share this with others. I see a lot of people creating content and pouring their guts out to try and make something good. Yet, in spite of their best, and time-intensive effots, they don’t get the results they want or deserve.The tips that I put forth in this video can help them to improve greatly and get a lot more value out into the world. .So you see, by you sharing this, you can start a chain reaction that helps many people.Thank you very much for doing it and the people who will benefit in the future from your sharing this also thank you.

I really look forward to hearing from you Please share this on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and platforms of your choice. !


Links Referenced:

These 7 Disruptive Technologies Could Be Worth Trillions of Dollars
By Jason Dorrier –

Teaching With Emerging Technologies
Michelle Pacansky-Brock says digital learning is reshaping the higher ed landscape, and suggests five things instructors need to succeed.
By Michelle Pacansky-Brock

Also check out the site for Luis Fernando Mises, my friend who I referenced and singled out his post to upvote him –

The capture program is Snagit and I also referenced another program from the same company that makes it, Techsmith in Okemos, Michigan. Their other product I use and highly recommend is Camtasia. Camtasia Studio is for Windows and I use Camtasia for Mac (CMac)

Hope this helps. Please let me know if you’d like more posts like this one and what you’d like to know. I love you my Steemit community!

I look forward to hearing from you!


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