Public Speaking Tips, Blockchain, More

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Public Speaking Tips, Blockchain, More

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My mission is to help you build your business and get more customers. I is also to help you make your life better both in business and personally. The video I want to share with you today is from a Facebook Live I did recently talking about a variety of very important topics. As a subscriber to my Achievement Update newsletter, I want to make sure you are getting value for your time that you invest.

That’s why this video is packed with some very important ideas on some very important topics. I talk about 9 key tips when you’re making that important presentation. I’m a professional speaker and have been since 1983. They were kind enough to induct me into the National Speakers Association Speaker Hall of Fame. As a professional I always like to learn more and still keep going back to the essential basics. This article that I share here on the video is loaded with great tips. Plus the link is below so you can read them in the online article for yourself. As a professional speaker to another professional speaker, you’ll love this.

I also talk about how blockchain technology is changing our world and the ramifications that has for you. This might be a new topic to you. As the guy who helped introduce new topics to audience for a long time, I see that blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and that entire area is huge. As big or bigger than the internet. Yes, I know that sounds like hyperbole, but it is true. Enjoy learning about this topic as you see what it can do for you.

Here are the links which can help you. Please let me know what you think and please, please, please (notice the emphasis?) share this with your community. We are on a mission to help many people get the information that can help them improve their business and their lives. You are a critical link in this chain. Thank you for sharing this with you social media networks. I always love getting comments so please let me know what you think.


Links Referenced:

1. 9 Great Tips For Making a Presentation

2. Lawyers and the Blockchain – Think about these ramifications in your industry.

The Advent Of ‘Blockchain’ And What It May Mean For Lawyers

3. Cryptocurrency in Unstable Economic and Political Situations

Let me know what you think about these issues. The references to Blockchain are important no matter what industry you live in today. Much like technology has touched the lives of everyone in the business world today, you need to know about Blockchain and cryptocurrencies in relation to what they will do for your business.

As I talked about having a good cryptocurrency “Plan B” for your life, this is important to know today.

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