Cody Wilson on Living Life in Freedom

I interview the famous Cody Wilson and talk about living life as you want in freedom. Powerful lessons!

Cody Wilson on Living Life in Freedom

Freedom to Live As You Want – Cody Wilson

Real freedom is about you living your life your way without harming others and letting them live their lives their way. Part of living your life in freedom means the ability to take care of yourself. In this interview I had an opportunity to talk with a person who is well-known for empowering others to live their lives in a peaceful, freedom-loving way. His name is Cody Wilson and he is the founder and CEO of Defense Distributed, based in Austin, Texas.


I have long admired Cody Wilson for his brilliance and how eloquently he expresses his ideas on freedom and liberty. In this interview he was at his consummate best. We talked about living life in freedom and what to do when you get discouraged.

It is normal in life to feel discouraged and feel down when we are attacked from many different sides. This has been the case with Cody and his company. What impressed me most is the resilience that he demonstrates, not only in his personal life, but for those around him, his coworkers. He has helped to instill within them, in the face of many challenges, a resolute spirit with a determination that says “never quit.”

If you’ve ever felt discouraged or down because of what happens to you, this is an interview you want to see to learn from Cody those principles of resilience. I would particularly like to hear your comments on this since it touches on a variety of different issues. Please leave your comments below.

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