Two audio devices that could help for business (and pleasure)

Two audio devices that could help for business (and pleasure)

I’m always looking for unique solutions that will give you a competitive advantage in business and life. I just discovered two audio devices that perhaps can fit that same description for you — both from Plantronics.

This over-the-ear Bluetooth headset is designed for business professionals who are on the move. This device is very similar to the Plantronics’ earlier Voyager Edge that I’ve previously reviewed. The UC stands for “unified communications,” so the device is ideally suited for communicating with multiple devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.)

I find this has a benefit for those of us who need to write a lot. As a journalist and blogger, I need to put a lot of words on screens. I’m using the 3200 UC now as I dictate this article, moving around in my study, hands-free, as my words appear on my MacBook Pro. This means I can enter the words from my head to the computer much faster, and because of the advanced microphone technology built into the 3200 UC, fewer mistakes are made. I can produce content faster. This is worth a lot to a professional writer. The 3-mic noise-canceling technology enhances accuracy.

There is a 3200 version without the UC. It will work on your mobile devices like your smartphones or tablets but not on your laptop or desktop computer.

I find this is particularly helpful for those of us who travel a lot because the device is very small, lightweight (9 grams), and can easily be carried in your pocket. That means if you have your laptop computer, smartphone, or tablet along with the 3200 UC, you can create documents rapidly from just about anywhere you happen to be.

One feature I would add, or maybe it’s there and I didn’t catch it, is the ability to tap the device for muting or pausing the recording. I tried a few times, and perhaps I did it wrong, but that would be helpful.

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