Making a Living on Steemit - Kenny Palurintano Tells Us How

Discover how this man travels around the world and pays for it with the work he does on Steemit

Making a Living on Steemit – Kenny Palurintano Tells Us How

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Can you actually make a living working with Steemit ? Steemit is the platform that pays you to create content. Unlike other platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, and others,you actually get paid to write content on Steemit.

I have been pursuing it myself since May of this year and already you’re getting many posts that generate over $100 dollars a day. I understand that $100 dollars a day is notA kings ransom, But it is nice to have that extra incomeFrom the work that I do creating videos and text.

In this video I talk with a friend of mine, Kenny Palurintano, who makes a living traveling around the world and writing on Steemit. In this video he gives specific steps on how he is doing it.This will apply to whatever platform you’re using.If you’re writing in your blog, or YouTube, or producing content on any other platform, this is a must-watch video!

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