Steemit Success Series - @exyle & “The Grind”

Get valuable tips on how to handle "The Grind" of creating content on a regular basis. Mark, from Rotterdam in The Netherlands, shares his expertise

Steemit Success Series – @exyle & “The Grind”

Business-Building Action from Terry Brock

This post is part of a series that I’m putting together on how you can build success in Steemit and other platforms. If you want to get more attention on your blog, your Facebook posts, your LinkedIn posts, and more these principles apply.

These principles apply whether you’re using Steemit or other social media posts. Today we’re all publishers and you have to continue to create fresh, relevant, and compelling content. Listen to how this amazing man is doing it. His name is Mark and he goes by @exyle on Steemit. He’s from Rotterdam in The Netherlands and he shares ideas that can help you in  your business today.

Here’s the link:

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