4 great tech tools for the road warrior

4 great tech tools for the road warrior

4 great tech tools for the road warrior

Most entrepreneurs and salespeople today are regularly on the road. Being on the road gives you the advantage to be with clients and important decision-makers.

On the road, however, you need the tech tools that let you get the job done under any circumstance.

Recently I had the chance to see a few tools that I want to share with you — mobile professional to mobile professional. Here are four that I’ve experienced lately that can help give you a competitive advantage — and perhaps dazzle the socks off your customers.

Nebula Capsule from Anker

As a professional speaker, I regularly make presentations around the world. Having the right projector to display your Keynote or PowerPoint slides is critical, and sometimes you can’t depend on what is available on-site.

The new Nebula Capsule from Anker is the best tiny projector I’ve seen. It is about the size of a can of soda and weighs 1.04 pounds — easily packed in your carry-on luggage.

It gives four hours of continuous playtime on video and 30 hours with audio only. The 360-degree audio is jaw-dropping. You’ll fill a small conference room with the sound to get your message across. The image can stretch up to 100 inches.

I also like that it has an input that can be used for an external mouse or keyboard. It’s priced at $349.

Roav VIVA from Anker

Often when you’re mobile, you’re driving a car, whether it’s your own or a rental. You want to be safe and get the job done in the car.

The Roav VIVA (Vehicle Integrated Voice Assistant) brings the power of Amazon’s Alexa to the car. It’s a tool that is light-weight and makes getting important information easy. It all adds up to a strong competitive advantage by leveraging the right technology for $54.99.

At its heart is voice-activated navigation. Asking Alexa where the next gas station is or other questions is fair game, but checking on important details to keep customers happy is what this tool is all about.

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