2 tools that can help you get more done

2 tools that can help you get more done

I’m always on the lookout for tools and technologies that can help you get more done and find a competitive advantage.

This week I share two tools I recently was able run through the paces to see how they could benefit you.

I received these headphones from Plantronics to test for this review. I have to admit that I was wondering how they could top the performance of the original Backbeat PRO that was released last year. As I opened the packaging, I found headphones that were attractive and lighter weight than their older brother, and they came with a velvety-smooth carrying bag.

I tested them by listening with the Bluetooth capability and with the accompanying wire that attaches to your audio device. I used my MacBook Pro to listen to some of my favorite music on YouTube.

My experience was most delightful. I heard musical tones that I had not detected previously with the songs. The Backbeat Pro 2 seemed to have a magical search tool built in to find those hidden and wonderful sounds in songs I’ve listened to many times.

At the same time, when used them to listen to MP3 spoken word recordings of conference speeches, I felt like I was in my own little cocoon shielded from external noise. The technology built into the headset enriched the spoken work so I could understand more clearly what was being said.

This translates to a competitive advantage for me. In today’s hotly-competitive world, any extra knowledge I can gain helps. Since these headphones create a more enjoyable experience listening to important business content, I’m more likely to listen to additional material. I found the headset equally enjoyable when listening to spoken-word podcasts on my iPhone.

This headset seems to have some sort of magical engineering touch. I tried it with a brutal run on the treadmill, punched in at level 11 and even 12 for a short sprint to test. Not only did they stay on securely — with a lot of jolting and jostling at those levels — but they remained comfortable.

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