Hot Tech Tools - My interview with Jim Zieglar, Auto Industry Superstar!

Hot Tech Tools – My interview with Jim Zieglar, Auto Industry Superstar!


This was an amazing, fun experience. My long-time friend, Jim Zieglar is legendary in the auto industry. He has been the top sales trainer for many years in the auto industry and has helped literally thousands of people to improve their sales skills, be more productive, and get more done.

In this interview he did with me, we talked about a lot of various hot tech tools that you can use to boost your productivity — and yes, those in the auto industry can use it as well!

You will want to have a pen & paper, or note taking device of your choice, ready to go. Jim and I are not the bashful type. We move rapidly on this (that’s Jim’s style and quite often mine!).

Watch and learn — and enjoy this high-energy, information-rich video! I eagerly look forward to hearing from you.

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PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO EVERYWHERE!********************************* Jim Ziegler visits with Terry Brock. Terry is an Award-Winning Professional speaker and the ultimate techno-uber-geek. (said in a reverent way) There two have been friends approaching 30 years and Jim Never-Ever attends on of Terry's events without learning something significant.SO, YOU are invited to tune in when YOU have the time to adsorb everything this video interview has to offer. #AlphaDawg

Posted by James A. Ziegler on Tuesday, September 25, 2018

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