Crypto Taxation in China & US, Alibaba on Blockchain & Cloud, and the "Less Volatile" Bitcoin Space

Crypto Taxation in China & US, Alibaba on Blockchain & Cloud, and the “Less Volatile” Bitcoin Space

Crypto is going to quite a few changes as it always does. The Chinese government just made a major announcement about taxation and how they will view crypto. This particularly relates to bitcoin and bitcoin cash.

Then we talk about the US tax system and how the Internal Revenue Service treats Crypto. Notice the new ideas that are coming across and how this can affect you.If you live in the United States and must pay taxes, this is one you want to know about. Currently the Internal Revenue Service treats crypto currencies as property. That means that every time you buy or sell them you won’t incur a tax ramifications. There are many they say this does not work in the real world and we talk about that in this report.

Then we get to look at one of my favorite companies, Alibaba. They are moving into the cloud and using watchchain more now.Earlier this year I had a chance to talk with Kuo Zhang, the general manager of Yes, the one in charge of It was his first-ever English language interview and he and his team asked me to do it. In this report I talk about how you can listen to that and learn what thisVery successful businessman and what his companyIs doing.In that interview we talked about Jack Ma and the way that he thinks and how he is running Alibaba today.

Finally we say something that I thought would never be said before. That we’ve gone through less volatility in the last month with cryptocurrencies than we have with the Dow Jones industrial average.

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