The Power of Noticing - Building Relationships & Connecting with People

Discover how you can help others and yourself through a simple, but not easy practice of noticing others

The Power of Noticing – Building Relationships & Connecting with People

Today we have a deficit of people paying attention to what others are doing and caring about them. Few people seem genuinely interested in others because, well, they just aren’t

However, for those who are awake enough to pay attention to the needs of others, noticing them and really caring, there are many advantages. You will stand out in a favorable way and be noticed yourself. You will be uniquely and beautifully different.

In this video I share an idea how you can practice noticing others and how it will help. I build on the idea based on a wonderful article I share written by Angela Maiers. I don’t know her, but I like the way she thinks.

I also mention a great book that I just finished called The Laws of Human Nature by Robert Greene. WOW! What a wonderful book from a great author. He writes about seeing people for who they are and not judging them. He entreats us to embrace reality (what a concept!). I share that also here.

Enjoy this video. It has ideas in it that can change your life for the better. Please share this and I look forward to getting your thoughts.

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Transcript – The Power of Noticing

And here’s something that can help you, a transcript of this presentation. This is generated by computers and it is pretty dog-gone good, though no where near perfect. Yes, there are some (laughable) errors. Hey, it is 2019. Come back and visit us in 2029 and it will be much better.

For now, enjoy and I hope this adds more value for you. Please let me know what you think.




00:01:13.980 –> 00:01:18.180

Terry Brock here and hope you are doing well today. Hey, I want to share something with it.


00:01:18.420 –> 00:01:29.730

You’re going to like you are going to enjoy this. I was reading an article the other day. One of the beautiful things about the internet is there’s so many really good concepts out there so many good article, sometimes there’s


00:01:30.210 –> 00:01:39.360

Too many. But hey, it’s wonderful that they are available and we can tap into these and get information on them. I was reading one that I want to share with you that I think is just


00:01:39.720 –> 00:01:42.780

Really specialist about the power of noticing.


00:01:43.290 –> 00:01:52.230

Noticing others and caring about them. Really, that’s what it is. Hang on a minute, I’m going to share my screen with you right now and bounce over here and I want to bounce over to this.


00:01:52.530 –> 00:01:57.690

Article here is called the power of noticing written by someone. I do not know, but I like her already.


00:01:57.930 –> 00:02:09.780

Angela Myers or mayor’s. I’m not sure how you pronounce that and Angela. If you do see this, please excuse me for not pronouncing your name properly, but I hope it’s there, but I want you to take. Check this out, because it’s really got some nice


00:02:10.260 –> 00:02:19.050

Features you over to her site there and it’s called slash blog slash the dash power dash of dash noticing dot HTML. So you can see that URL there.


00:02:19.290 –> 00:02:29.070

But she talks about the importance of looking at someone in really paying attention to them being there too often we don’t even pay attention to people when they’re talking to us when they’re


00:02:29.520 –> 00:02:40.170

Coming to us, they’re talking to us. We’ve got our own mind made up of what we’re going to say much better to listen to what they have to say. I like what Angela said here when she says


00:02:41.040 –> 00:02:48.180

That the next time you send a tweet meet a friend or have the chance to learn with another plan to notice more. I’m going to highlight that right there.


00:02:48.450 –> 00:02:57.720

Plan to notice more use your eyes. Use your ears use all your senses and this one, do not hesitate to say to another. I noticed you


00:02:58.050 –> 00:03:05.010

And I compliment her for doing that and think that this is a really good idea because we don’t have enough of that in our world today too often.


00:03:05.220 –> 00:03:11.400

We’re arguing with each other in this society, particularly here in America. People are screaming and shouting at each other.


00:03:11.640 –> 00:03:20.130

It’s really a mess. It’s people that are constantly out there talking about what’s going on what they want to say. And they don’t really notice the other person.


00:03:20.460 –> 00:03:29.460

They’re not noticing that another person is there that could help them that they could help. And when you notice someone and you genuinely care for them.


00:03:29.880 –> 00:03:37.830

You are helping them and that is one of the best ways of selling my buddy Jay Baer talks about that. Hi, Jay. I hope you’re doing well. If you’re watching this


00:03:38.550 –> 00:03:44.760

He says that helping is the new selling and really when you get down to it, the best salespeople.


00:03:45.270 –> 00:03:52.080

Are those who really help not just trying to hawk some good or flog it out there to them. But what they’re trying to do is to


00:03:52.380 –> 00:03:58.260

Listen, and then help them like Angela said in her article when listen to that other person. I like the way my buddy.


00:03:58.890 –> 00:04:02.580

Chris Brogan talks about he says we need to grow bigger ears.


00:04:03.180 –> 00:04:14.130

I like that we need to listen more. There’s an old saying that’s been used in sales. A lot. You’ve probably heard this that we have two ears two eyes and one mouth, and that’s the proportion that we should use them.


00:04:14.730 –> 00:04:22.200

listen more to other people. Some of you that have followed me for a while. No, I often talk about the people who have what I call I trouble.


00:04:23.010 –> 00:04:34.320

Now I don’t mean I, as an E y E i mean i did this and I did that and I’m doing this. And I do that, you know, that’s all they’re talking about. They don’t really care about anyone else.


00:04:34.800 –> 00:04:45.930

They only are interested in themselves. Matter of fact, here’s a little trick you can use kind of an inside ninja trick when you’re in a conversation with some pay attention to how often they use the word I


00:04:46.410 –> 00:04:58.980

Versus the US you and talk about you and follow up and also find out how often they really follow up when you mentioned something I’ve had people. I remember I was in a conversation at a coffee shop, a while back.


00:04:59.520 –> 00:05:09.750

Many years ago, and there was this woman that I had seen at a meeting and some meeting where I was speaking and she came up said hi Terry I’m up whatever I only remember a name now but


00:05:10.080 –> 00:05:18.150

We’re naming we sat down and she just went on and on and on and on and on incessantly about herself. She didn’t care about me. I thought


00:05:18.450 –> 00:05:24.870

I’m just kind of curious how long she’s going to go on and she’s out there. Let’s eat least 30 minutes she was going on and on and on.


00:05:25.260 –> 00:05:30.690

And then she paused. He says, Oh, well I’ve been doing a lot of talking. How about you, what are you doing these days.


00:05:31.020 –> 00:05:43.920

And I said, Well, I’m getting ready to head out. I was going to do a program at Los Angeles. I said, I’m getting ready to head out to Los Angeles for a program. She interrupts me and says, Oh, I remember I was in Los Angeles. Three years ago, and we did that, and she’s back at it again.


00:05:45.450 –> 00:05:56.940

Like why do people do that, why don’t they listen more and noticing someone else and listening to them, caring for them is Angela Myers talked about their and her article


00:05:57.570 –> 00:06:05.730

That’s really the key. So here’s what I want you to do. Make it your goal to notice somebody else notice what they’re doing. Notice what’s going on.


00:06:05.970 –> 00:06:11.220

What is on their mind and as you do that, that’s going to give you an advantage.


00:06:11.490 –> 00:06:19.950

Not only will you help them. And if it’s a sales situation. Yeah, that’ll be nice, but I think just as a human being, you’re connecting with them. And here’s another really advantage for you.


00:06:20.310 –> 00:06:26.790

You get a chance to learn more about other people as you start studying them and you see who they are and what they do.


00:06:27.150 –> 00:06:35.610

That’s really important as well reminds me of a book that I just finished today. One of the best books I’ve read in a long time and I’ve read a lot of good ones from an author.


00:06:35.850 –> 00:06:45.450

Who has written several books I’ve read every one of his books at least everyone I think he’s written and every one of the books is really, really good. I’m using that word every carefully.


00:06:45.840 –> 00:07:01.620

And this author is Robert Greene that’s GR EA in he Robert Greene, he wrote the 48 laws of power, he wrote the 50th Law. He wrote, The Art of Seduction you wrote mastery and this new one is called The Art of human


00:07:02.640 –> 00:07:08.460

You will mean what. Matter of fact, I’m forgetting it right now. Here in the midst of all this, but here’s what I’m gonna do. Let me share my screen again.


00:07:08.940 –> 00:07:18.270

So I’m going to come back here and do this just just just us here today I’m gonna share my screen on there. And then I’m going to launch a program that I’ve got over here.


00:07:18.540 –> 00:07:26.940

I can see it somewhere over there. I want to see if I can find my Kindle. And let’s see. And you know, I don’t have that on there either. Oh well. Well, this is what we call live


00:07:27.210 –> 00:07:32.790

And it’s keeping it real laws of human nature. Yeah, that’s it. Nevermind. So the laws of human nature is what it is.


00:07:33.540 –> 00:07:42.600

And I it’s one I would highly recommend. He talks about studying others look at other people instead of judging and thinking, oh, they’re not good or bad or something. I have to admit I’ve been guilty of


00:07:42.840 –> 00:07:46.740

When somebody does something like, oh, it shouldn’t do that. Who they should do this instead of doing that.


00:07:47.370 –> 00:07:56.310

He challenges us in his book, and I would challenge you step back, kind of listen to what they’re saying. Really listen carefully and how you can help them.


00:07:56.580 –> 00:08:04.290

Think of ways that you can help others, hey, I’d love to hear from you. You’re seeing this either here on Facebook or on YouTube or maybe we’re on steam it


00:08:04.590 –> 00:08:10.650

Or hearing about it in different places. Let me know what you think. How have you noticed that noticing people


00:08:11.070 –> 00:08:15.480

Really helps. Have you seen that. Is it something that you have seen others do.


00:08:15.840 –> 00:08:23.880

I have seen people that do that and really care about one person that I can think of right now. Who does that exceptionally well is Patricia Fripp


00:08:24.270 –> 00:08:29.940

Patricia Fripp is a friend of mine. Hi, Patricia if you’re out there for it. I hope you are having a great day, but she


00:08:30.240 –> 00:08:37.620

Really notices out there. She listens to them. She cares about what’s going on with them. You can tell it’s not just a Flynn. Hello. How you doing, and then jumps into


00:08:38.130 –> 00:08:45.000

Patricia Fripp is the one who does it. Right. And people like it. Susan Rowan is another person. Hi Susan hope you are doing well.


00:08:45.660 –> 00:08:52.290

And she really does care, she’s written books about connecting and you’ve heard that term working room. Well, she’s the one that came up with that.


00:08:52.590 –> 00:08:58.770

She’s written books about it and has done very well travels around the world, speaking about. She is a person. You ever get a chance to know her.


00:08:59.340 –> 00:09:08.340

Get to do that, you will be delighted when you see a wonderful human being that is just teeming with great ideas with an exuberance for living.


00:09:08.580 –> 00:09:17.340

And she demonstrates this, I want you to do this. Find people in your life that do it right, that really do care that when you’re talking with them in a conversation


00:09:17.640 –> 00:09:22.410

You hear them and they really do follow up. And when they ask, How are you doing, they’re interested


00:09:22.800 –> 00:09:29.520

I think they really do follow up and remember what they’re doing and try to emulate the best traits that they have


00:09:29.820 –> 00:09:36.270

Well, I’m looking forward to hearing from you, I’m Terry Brock and thank you for joining me here on this wonderful little tool called Facebook Live


00:09:36.510 –> 00:09:43.380

And we’ve got the ability to use this with zoom. I’m using zoom. So I could share screen and do a lot of other things. But I’d like to hear from you.


00:09:43.650 –> 00:09:53.790

I do a lot of work with people in many different areas and coaching on relationship marketing technology, things like that. And I’d love to hear from you on areas where you have seen


00:09:54.060 –> 00:10:01.500

Hey noticing someone else really makes a difference. So I look forward to hearing from you. Have a wonderful day, and thank you so much for joining me.





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