3 Steps To Win Arguments, Connect With People, And Make More Sales

These 3 time-honored principles can help you connect with more people in a profound way. This will also help in business to build stronger relationships

3 Steps To Win Arguments, Connect With People, And Make More Sales

Being able to connect with others is vital to your success in life. In business it is extremely important to be able to get your ideas across. If you’re in sales (and aren’t we all today?) you want to know how to persuade and get others to embrace your ideas more.

Here are three steps that have been used extensively throughout history to help people bond more. They are not “tricks” or little “techniques” to manipulate. Instead, they are ways that you can bond with people more and help them more.

This is about caring for others and hearing their point of view. We don’t have enough of that today. Listening to others and hearing their position is one of the best ways to build mutually-beneficial outcomes and achieve lasting results




Please share this with others so they can benefit. This is an important concept that we want the world to know about and have. Thank you very much for being with me.

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Don’t you like to be able to connect with others, be able to bond with them more and be able to sell more products and services.

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Hi, I’m Terry Brock, I want to share with you three key time honored principles.

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That work really well. This is something that is really important today to be able to connect with people and understand where they’re coming from.

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And I wanted to say, also a shout out to all my friends from a steam. Notice by the way I’m wearing my Steam shirt here. Got my Steam shirt on this way.

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As a chair and a hearty hello and a high five to those that are using steam, even in the midst of sometimes crypto little bit slow.

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Great little platform. And we’re going to talk about that. But, you know, sometimes it is difficult to connect with people.

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Connect with others who might disagree with you, they might have a different idea and you want to try to connect with them.

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You see, people are always trying to convince each other often with arguments or even worse, that kind of raising their voice and saying, Oh, you got to do it this way. You got to do it that way. Well,

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There’s some time honored principles that can really help you, one that I heard about a while back I found a really, really good addresses the needs of others and it treats them.

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Not like someone you’re trying to change, but it’s someone that you want to help. And that’s so important today selling is okay and we all need to do it. I think we’re all in sales, but the new word for selling is

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Helping my buddy Jay Baer talks about that in his book i j. Hope you’re doing well. If you’re watching this, and it’s really important. Look at what you want to do is help others find their needs and help them.

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And then you’ll be able to sell more selling your ideas, talking to people. Maybe it’s just your spouse or your partner or a friend and you want to convince them of your idea.

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Being able to help them. It’s going to be important. This way. So here’s what you can do three steps that have really helped. Number one is called feel

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You have to identify with them and affirm that you know where they’re coming from, you know, too often, people don’t listen because they don’t think we’re really hearing their point of view.

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See, this doesn’t mean you necessarily agree with them. It just means that you’re going to listen to them. You want to hear what they’ve got to say, and you’re going to hear where they’re coming from.

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For instance, you can say, I know how you feel about that or you know I feel the same way about this or I feel the same way. Also, when

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Such and Such happens you’re identifying and you’re creating a connection avant they know you’re listening because what you’re doing is you’re feeding back to them where they’re coming from.

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You feel where they are, you’re telling them that you know you’re hearing them you are listening. That’s a vitally important concept.

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When you’re trying to connect with others. Once you make that connection, then you’re able to assist them and help them even more. And here’s the second one.

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Feel is the first, second is felt

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Felt FLT. This is where you strengthen that premise that was there in the first step, you’re going to let them know that you felt that way before.

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Or you can say something like, you know, I have friends that have felt that way also. So you’re not saying that you do it, but you’re saying you have friends that do it and that’s okay. That’s close

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Second in their works really well and you’re identifying with them. You’re letting them know that you care how they feel and how others feel the same way.

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And once you’ve gone through these steps then what you’re doing. You’re letting them know that you’re

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Feeling where they’re coming from. You’re also letting them know that you understand their position, you now have a common bond.

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And that you felt the same way before and now you’re ready for the third very important step that helps you to connect with others and that third step is

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Found fo you indeed. Here’s where you can share something like, you know, I found that when we try such and such.

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It worked very well for us. And you can talk about others where they found a certain product or service or an idea that works.

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You know that can be really good. We found that success came to those who got involved with x and were able to solve the problem that they felt that they had, they had this problem.

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Now, this is no surefire way that’s going to magically win every argument. And so every prospect, you got no, there’s nothing like that, hey, if we can do that we all be trillion heirs of guy.

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Doesn’t work that way. And it doesn’t mean that you’ll change the mind of someone just because they heard feel felt found a. This has been around for a while. It’s very common. A lot of people know about it. However, many have found

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That it’s better for them and they are better able to connect with others. After they choose to understand the feelings of others and then identify how they felt

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Then some people will even be able to say that they too have found the solution that you proposed that worked for them.

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Feel felt found it’s a formula that goes a long, long way towards identifying with and helping others. Again, there’s that helping word

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Besides, even if someone doesn’t buy from you or embrace everything that you do or what you’ve gotten what you tried. You have now had a better chance to connect with them.

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With another human being and today. Today’s world, that’d be really nice. Well, hey, I’d love to hear from you.

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Please let me know and please share this concept, this is so important that our world hear this and that they understand. It’s not a matter of just trying to force your will on them, but instead

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You feel where they are, you can identify you felt that way before.

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And now you have found this feel felt found, I hope it helps you a lot. Please subscribe if you’re watching this on Steam. I’d love you to follow and maybe upload. If you feel so inclined on word perfect

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