Benjamin Franklin on Freedom

Benjamin Franklin on Freedom

Benjamin Franklin was one of the greatest Americans who ever lived. He had a lot of wisdom and new a lot about many different topics.

One of those areas were he put his life at risk, quite literally, was for the cause of freedom. He was one of the founding fathers of the United States of America.He risked his life by being at the gathering of those opposing Britain and standing up against Great Britain for the colonies.

When he says that freedom is vital it means a lot more than just someone who casually says what seems to be the popular thing to say. He realized that without freedom of thought there is no such thing as wisdom, that makes a lot of sense.We have to be able to say what we believe and to discuss it in peaceful means with others.

Today we have become too polarized in our views. Freedom means that you get a chance to express what you want to say to others. Freedom means that you defend the rights of others to say what they want even if it’s against you.It is axiomatic that this discussion must be conducted in an environment of non-initiation of force. I like the idea of living life doing whatever you want as long as you do not harm another person. If you initiate force against someone else then you have lost your right to exist in a peaceful manner.

Ben Franklin had a lot of good things to say. We can learn much from him. Thank you very much for stopping by today to visit



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  1. There was the time Ben went to the back for a loan. The banker looked up from Ben’s applications and said, “Mr. Franklin, I see you are an inventor, printer, author, statesman, etc. What’s the problem Mr. Frankln, can’t you keep a job?”

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