Delta Sky Club Does It Right

Delta Sky Club Does It Right

Having a great time at the Delta Sky Club in Atlanta, GA today. Enroute to Bogota, Colombia and waiting here for our connection.

Take a look at this speed we’re getting from the Wi-Fi available for free.


I am particularly impressed with an upload speed of 355.11 Mbps.

In addition to that the food is great, the drinks are wonderful and the atmosphere is right,.

This is how to do business. Take care of your customers, the people who give you money for making them happy,

I have been flying Delta Air Lines for many years and am Lifetime Gold Medallion. I’m glad to be with them and love the service they give.

Think about how you can make your service to customers all the more special. I’m learning a lot here as we wait for our connecting flight.

Oh, and they also do a splendid job in getting us comfortably and safely around the planet, Yep, this is how to do business right.








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