Get a Competitive Advantage with These Content Management Secrets

Follow these principles that have helped to generate over $3 billion in sales for my clients.

Get a Competitive Advantage with These Content Management Secrets

If you create content on the Net, you need to know these secrets for how to do it and make it work.

This is from a video I produced based on some concepts that have helped to generate over $3 billion with my clients. I used this technique with the team I worked with at both Skype and AT&T to get attention and ultimately let our team generate over $3 billion in sales.

This is a video you’ll want to watch and take notes on as you do.

The concepts are still valid even as some of the tactics (like Google +) have changed.

That is the most important concept to remember. It is about connecting with people in a meaningful way, not about the specific technologies or tactics deployed. Let that time-honored truth sink in and enjoy the business-building benefits from this.

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