Hurricane Dorian Very Windy Early On

Here's a quick update on our status in Orlando, Florida before Hurricane Dorian arrives.

Hurricane Dorian Very Windy Early On

Update on Condition in Orlando, Florida

Monday, September 2, 2019 4:30pm

We’re getting a lot of wind as Hurricane Dorian is still over the Bahamas. Here’s what it looks like in Orlando, Florida as you see the wind.

I shot this from my study and inside our condo. You can see the the wind “brought down Japan” — or at least the Japanese flag.

You also get a chance to see the beauty of nature as the wind creates a beautiful ripple effect on the lake. Very nice. Even in the midst of the storm, nature has a majesty that is resplendent.

This is to update those of you who have been so kind to send wishes of safety and care for us. We are doing fine and plan to do what we need to do to be safe and help others around us.

Thank you for watching and for all your care and best wishes for our safety. We appreciate it and send you lots of love and care.







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