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Acting Skills for Speakers, Writers and Others

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Acting skills are resources that you can use in professional speaking and every interaction you have with other human beings. That is saying a lot and I believe the more you learn about acting, and how to communicate effectively, the better you’ll be in business and life.

That’s why I wanted to interview Roger Haskett. Roger is an actor who has taught others how to act. He’s also a professional speaker and member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS). Recently I saw Roger at a CAPS meeting in Toronto and he gave a seminar on acting skills for speakers. It was fabulous. So, I wanted to share his brilliance with you here on this interview.

In this interview Roger shares how you can use skills of acting to get ideas on how to connect with others. He also shares how writers can use acting skills. This really impressed me as I didn’t think acting would necessarily help in writing. Wait till you hear what he says about how you can become a better writer through embracing some specific skills. Acting skills for speakers and acting skills for writers can help you in your marketing and relationship building.

This is an in-depth discussion between Roger and me on how you can expand your capabilities. Pay particular attention to what Roger share about “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.” In a busy world, this is a great way of thinking which can help you.



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