Brock on the Blockchain: Use the Blockchain and Digital Currencies For Business

Description: Some say that the Blockchain is going to change the world more than the Internet did. That’s hard to imagine, but when you think about how the Blockchain can affect money, contracts, financial instruments, and all sorts of business transactions, you begin to believe that might be true. The Blockchain is more than just a way to use digital currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, and others. Organizations around the world are using this currency and adapting successfully to what it offers for serious business. In this high-energy, entertaining, and information-rich presentation, Terry Brock shows what the Blockchain is about, how it can be used, and practical, nitty-gritty examples of making it work for you and your organization.

Topics Covered Include:

  • How the Blockchain is disrupting finance even more than Uber, Airbnb, Netflix, and other digital solutions
  • What the Blockchain is and what is being done with it for increased sales and productivity 
  • How digital currencies like Bitcoin work and what potential they hold for business 
  • Benefits of the Blockchain beyond digital currencies alone
  • The challenges with Bitcoin now and how it is affecting the price and stability of using Bitcoin today and in the future
  • Other alternatives to Bitcoin including Dash, Ethereum, Monero and more

Customized For You

What is valid for one bank, might not necessarily be applicable to other financial institutions. What works for one insurance company, might be wrong for another. Financial planners need customized information which can help them, not what would work for a retail store.

This is why Terry Brock makes it a point to customize each presentation to the audience he is addressing. He takes the time and effort to learn about your audience, your industry, and the issues which are confronting you. He then puts all of those pieces together, as the journalist he is, into a presentation that is highly informative, practical, and entertaining — as a Speaker Hall of Fame international professional speaker can do.

Many financial professionals hear about the Blockchain, Bitcoin, and other terms. Initially there is confusion about these topics, as there often is around any new and unknown subject. In this session, you’ll hear practical, down-to-earth applications for these in a professional, business environment. This is not for the underground, shady dealings that people hear about on the Internet. This is about how successful businesses are deploying the use of digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Monera and others to reach more customers, increase international marketing opportunities, and enhance privacy and security.

Terry Brock is a technology expert. He has worked with technology, speaking professionally since 1983. When Skype needed someone to head up their thrust into business applications for customers, they asked Terry Brock to be their Chief Enterprise Blogger. When AT&T needed an Editor-in-Chief to lead over 100 technology experts for their largest blog (Networking Exchange Blog) they were glad to get Terry Brock to lead.

He has taught C-level executives for large banks, presented to the St Louis Fed leadership, presented to insurance industry professionals, financial planners and other financial and insurance industry professionals. His approach is always for practical, real-world applications with a healthy dose of fun and entertainment to help learn what is needed for business. 

In addition to talking about the basics you’ll hear from most speakers on the Blockchain, Terry Brock has personal on-the-ground experience with the issues behind the famous Silk Road case with Ross Ulbricht. Terry Brock was the Master of Ceremonies for an eight-hour event which involved close to 40 experts around the world (using Google Hangouts, YouTube & Facebook Live). We explored aspects of digital currencies, legalities and opportunities. The ramifications for business are profound and your audience will benefit from his insights and cautions.

Even more than his technical expertise, Terry is well known as a dynamic, entertaining speaker. He is a member of the Speaker Hall of Fame (less than 1% of the world’s speakers —- only 5 each year admitted as members). He is also a Certified Speaking Professional and an expert in presenting in Virtual Interactive Presentations. In sum, this is the guy you want!