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Special Audio and Video- Social Networking To Get Business

You've heard the buzz.... social networking is the "wave of the future." Well, it is a great way to connect with people but how can you get business with it? Listen to this (mercifully short) audio and discover what is working and what doesn't. [MEDIA=6] You can also see this subject covered on the following video. It was shot while on location in Savannah, Georgia where I was speaking about this topic. You'll love the scenery here and the message---well, it's terrific!!

Relationship Farming And Tough Times: Opportunity For Pruning

By Terry L. Brock The dismal economy has given you and me, as small business owners and salespeople, a real gift. Yep! You might not initially think of it as a gift but this really is. Before you pop the champagne, let’s look at what is going on and what we can do about it. Yes, times are tough now. Just look at the recent collapse of Indy-Mac, the massive problems with

3 Important Tips for Public Speaking with Tim Patterson

A couple of days ago I was visiting Salem, Oregon (beautiful place!) and had the chance to have lunch with my buddy Tim Patterson. Tim helps people, like you, to be better public speakers. He gave us 3 importance tips for anyone who is doing public speaking. If you're new or scared about public speaking, invest a few minutes with this video of Tim and you'll do a better job