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Real World Applications For Serious Business From
Social Media Marketing Speaker and Technology Expert Terry Brock

Go beyond “Gee Wiz that’s cool” to leverage technology and build relationships to increase the bottom line.

Terry Brock is always pressing the edge on technology and creates keynote speeches and workshops to include the latest trends and measurable strategies to leverage social media in business. The internet and technology have changed the world forever. Sorting through the hype is critical. Your participants need to know what technology can do without a lot of mumbo-jumbo and computerese gobble-de-goop! Terry communicates clearly, effectively and in a fun manner so that business people enjoy the new economy and prosper in it.

Every program is individually designed to meet the needs of the audience so they may:

  • Understand how to use relevant technology to build business relationships.
  • Overcome fear and embrace ever-changing tools.
  • Leverage the past to prepare for the future.
  • Measure success and adapt strategies to work in the real world.

Banking on his background in journalism, Terry creates a a CNN-type presentation, during the program to dazzle the audience and to drive home real specific points on how to succeed in today’s world. He will arrange to video record some of your key people to ask what they are doing. You select key people for these professional and entertaining interviews.

Terry Brock is more than just a social media marketing speaker, or a technology trends expert. He packs his presentations with “Gee Wiz” joy for gadgets, solid business strategies to build relationships, and inspiration to try new things to improve the bottom line. His entertaining and energizing style engages audiences and inspires action.

“Terry was absolutely fabulous, sharing his expertise in relationship marketing and social media in a highly articulate, engaging, practical and entertaining way. I went away and was inspired to apply more from Terry’s two speeches than I have before from witnessing a speaker.”

From social media to mobile office applications, Terry brings a wealth of knowledge and a sense of history to empower even the most timid user to explore new possibilities.

Bring, beam, or broadcast Terry to your event!

Terry’s Most Popular Topics Include:

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Social Media & Portable Technologies for Business Success Today


Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Video and More: Profound Ways Executives Are Connecting Today With Employees And Customers


Relationship Marketing – IT’s NOT about E-Commerce (The Electronics); It’s about R-Commerce (Relationships)

What Terry Can Do For You and Your Audience

Terry Brock on the Power of Social Media For Business Today

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