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7 ways virtual reality can help create great customer experiences

virtual reality

Technology follows certain patterns as it is introduced and then embraced by business. I’ve seen certain technology trends in my own work as a professional speaker and coach from the late 70s to today.

It usually starts as something fun with game qualities attached. It is initially only embraced by nerds like me and, generally, children.

Later it is embraced by smart business people who can use it for a competitive advantage.

Virtual reality (VR) is at the stage where it is now being accepted by smart businesses. They now see the benefits they can get from a top line and bottom line point of view.

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Dave Hodgson, who is the president of 3-D Solutions based in the Detroit, Michigan area.In that interview, we talked about a variety of applications for VR for businesses.

Frankly, my mind was blown away with the possibilities that exist for smart businesses today. Virtual reality provides an opportunity to create “Wow!” experiences for customers going way beyond only gaming.

Here are some applications that work in today’s environment for smart businesses:

1. Marketing and advertising

Make your product and services come alive as never before as you move from print, audio, and even video, to life-like interactions and demonstrations.

Smart marketers can use a deep media immersion experience with VR to let customers feel like they already own the product or have purchased the service. This can be particularly helpful in high-end products and services that cost a lot to demonstrate.

The experience for the customer is much more life-like and vivid. The company’s cost is dramatically lower.

2. Retail and e-commerce

Through the use of virtual reality, potential customers can experience a product at a distance through VR. Your showroom now loses any geographical limitation as customers can experience what you sell via the right headset.

3. Medical applications

Surgeons are using VR to experience details of surgery before a scheduled operation. This helps increase their skills and helps them perform better in less time (aiding in the healing process).

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