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3 ways tech is helping us lose weight, make money and get Internet access

We live in an amazing time. I believe it is better to be alive today than ever before.

Lose weight, make money and get Internet access

Sure, there are problems, but we have opportunities today that even the richest of the rich didn’t have just a few years ago.

Recently I had the opportunity to talk with some people about their respective technologies and how they are making the world better for us.

You’ll want to see the lively video interviews we had and enjoy how these technologies can make your life better.

Lose Weight and Get Fit With This App

Losing weight has been a challenge for many. It can be tough to know what you should eat and how to get fit. I recently discovered an app that can help you. It is called LoseIt , and it is based on tracking the calories you consume, your exercise. But it is backed up with community support.

There is a free version and a premium version for $39.99 a year. As you use it more, you find the system adapts to your needs. It also has the menus for many popular restaurants built in, so you identify what you ordered at a given restaurant and the app takes care of the calorie number crunching for you.

Watch the video as the President of LoseIt, Charles Teague, walks me through the app on screen to see various features and how to use it. This video can be very helpful to learn not only about the app, LoseIt, but also to learn about eating properly and how to get rid of those pounds you’ve been meaning to lose.

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