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5 Not So Secret Secrets To Your Success!

By Terry Brock for Steemit

One of the many truisms I love that the late, great Jim Rohn taught us was that the future will be filled with opportunities, and it will also include challenges. He confidently predicted that would be true

Jim Rohn, 1930 – 2009 Author, Professional Speaker

and his promise continues to this day! Amazing! 🙂

It is so easy to focus on the bad news of the day. There’s a war brewing over there, yet another politician does something really stupid (not hard for them!), the economy is in a mess and traffic is terrible today. If you feed your mind with a regular diet of the news you hear it is easy to get depressed. A good word of advice would be to strictly limit the amount of negative news you allow into your brain.

Take control of your mind and turn it around. As Jim Rohn would probably agree, there are many opportunities available for those who take advantage of them. So how can you succeed today?

Here are 5 steps you can implement now and into the future to make sure you achieve the goals you want.

      1. Grab the bull by the horns and aggressively pursue learning market-valuable skills. Think of what has succeeded throughout history. Americans tapped into a principle of living life by your own efforts and merit. Want a raise? Don’t ask anyone for it, just go out and earn it.
      2. Make it your goal to “Win Friends and Influence People” in the best Dale Carnegie use of that phrase. I love the way Brian Tracy says it in his “Getting Rich in America” audio series: “Your success will largely be determined by the number of people who know you in a favorable way.”
      3. Update your skills for today’s social media world while retaining the time-honored principles that have worked for a long time. Think of a skill you want to acquire. Realize you need to get the education and learning to make it happen. It used to be that it was only available through formal schooling. Although that is a good option for many people (I’m glad of the formal education that I received because I needed it). Today it is not necessary for everyone. Think of people like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Ellison, Michael Dell, and other billionaires who did not complete a formal education. Even if they didn’t complete a formal education each of them makes it a point to voraciously learn useful information to improve continually. Make that your lifestyle.
      4. Think like an entrepreneur. This is what made America and other countries great. Embrace a “make it happen” attitude. Make it your pattern to hustle when you set out to achieve your goals.
      5. Continually adapt. Change. Learn. In a world that is moving faster, you have to think faster, learn faster and connect faster. Get assistance. This has always been important. Today it is easier than ever. Hire the right pros to help you from wherever they are. Many people are accessible through Skype, Google+ Hangouts or other video technologies for consultation. You can send money to people through services like PayPal, Google Wallet and other tools with a little preparation. Part with your money to learn from the best. I love the way Benjamin Franklin said it, “Pour the coins of your purse into your mind, and your mind will overflow your purse with coins.” Sound advice from one of America’s founders.

It is really pretty simple –- but it is not easy! Roll up your sleeves. Work smart AND work hard (the combination will baffle the competition!).

Terry Brock is a Hall of Fame speaker and marketing coach who works with organizations to help them leverage technology and build powerful business relationships. He works with organizations to leverage technology to reach more customers and build value-for-value relationships.  He can be reached at or via Twitter – @TerryBrock.  He is on Steemit as @terrybrock and has room for a few more upvotes! 🙂

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