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5 Secrets That Work Today in Video – and what’s NOT

Today video is a popular way of connecting with customers and to keep your business growing strong. When you do it right you can reach people and make it work however if it doesn’t come out right then you’re going to end up with much less than desirable results.

In this video I’ll give you five steps that will be helpful for you in creating a connection with your customers. This is going to work today in the midst of the hard times that we’re going through. It also will work when we come out of it later on.

What it was that worked before is not going to work today. You’ve got to adapt and change and the beauty of it is that you get to do that by being more human and more real. Connecting with people more is what it really is all about today. The old age of being a pushy sales person is not excepted and frankly doesn’t work very well on the bottom line. Notice how I describe it with LinkedIn and what happens on LinkedIn with pushy sales people.

Thank you for joining me and I look forward to getting your comments and suggestions. Please share this with others so that they will be able to benefit from it as well. They will thank you for it!

Terry Brock

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