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Be Real And Grow Your Business

Business Building Actions From Terry Brock

Today we are overwhelmed with fake. We see fake Rolex watches, fake Mont Blanc pens and even fake body parts (we won’t go there right now!).  Yikes! In business it is almost at an epidemic level. We see way too many people touting the hype of their business and no substance.

I’ve seen way too many Internet Marketers whose free teleseminar is only about how much money they are supposed to have made with some new technique. If all they do is talk about how much money they made —- or their really cool lifestyle — I don’t know about you but for me the hype alert warning sounds and red lights are flashing.

Yes, this is frustrating but I see a lot of good in it.  Yep! I really do. I think it gives the honest Internet Marketers a chance to separate themselves from the sleavy and fake Marketers. When you share honest-to-goodness great ideas with people — as many good marketers do — prospective clients want to get involved with you. Yes, it’s nice to hear about someone’s successful lifestyle.  However, there has to be substance backing up that form or it is like a house of cards.

Today people want real, not fake. Today, we need more substance and usable ideas than ever.  You grow your business by being real with prospects.  This is what Relationship Marketing is about — being real and offering serious value.

Twitter is a good example of the contrast.  Many people on Twitter are offering genuinely helpful information. I’ve enjoyed the many benefits of watching the flow of tweets as they come across my screen. There are, unfortunately, many who don’t use their real names and try to hide behind a bunch of hype.  The marketplace will eventually sort these out as it always does.

It is important today to be real vs. hiding behind a fake Internet identity.  Be real with customers and let them know how you can help them. This means not only helping when you have problems delivering what you promised (obvious) but even more being real initially in what you can offer them to solve their problems.  Education is the key here and the Internet is ideal for that. Use your Blog to write articles about key industry topics. Use audio to create honest talks with customers about issues going on in their business (interviews work great here!). Use video to illustrate solutions on how to solve problems and how your customers can generate more business.

One of the reasons that we’ve seen serious business interest in Social Networks like Facebook and Linkedin is that people use their real identity.  It is a people-to-people connection more than just signing up for a bunch of spam email. The marketplace has demonstrated that it wants real human connections vs. the fake connections.

Here are some steps that can help as you build your business and stand out from the fake and the hype on the Net:

  1. Be Reachable. This means using your real name and being real. You’ll attract more customers.  Yes, you’ll also get some pesky, bothersome types but it is worth it to connect with serious, real people. It is worth some spam in order to let customers connect with you.  So many companies hide behind their Net presence and refuse to connect with others. Okay, let them do that. I just hope they are my competitors. People today want to be with people.  We see right through the silly little games of using some goofy fake name.
  2. Be Real On Social Networks.  This means being a human being, not just a sales machine always talking about selling. Reach people at a human level first and then business will come from it naturally. This is the way to build solid, long-term business vs. the transaction of a sale today and nothing tomorrow.
  3. Avoid The Fake. Watch out for the way-too-hypey Internet Marketers who promise the world both online and offline.  Hot Tip: Here’s the way you can find out if they are real.  It’s a real simple test but works very well. Can you connect with a real, live human being?  Anyone can send an email or an autoresponder.  The genuine, real people connect with others at a personal level. Before you buy from someone, make the attempt to talk with a live, real human being. If you can’t, then you might want to move along to someone else.  If you can’t connect with a real human being, welcome those red flags and beeping alarms going off in your hype detector and stay away from them.

The answer of course is for serious Relationship Marketers to connect in many ways to people. Use the Social Networking tools properly.  Use email to stay in touch and provide serious value to others. Design your website and Blog to provide value in a way that helps customers solve their problems. And don’t forget the importance of a real, live phone call and/or personal visit to key customers now and then. This is what makes serious Relationship Marketing work and what positions you far ahead of those who embrace the fake.

Copyright © 2009, Terry Brock and Achievement Systems, Inc.  Terry Brock is an international marketing coach and professional speaker who helps businesses generate profitable results. He can be reached by e-mail at [email protected] or through his website at  Join the Twitter adventure with Terry through his Twitter address: TerryBrock

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