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Big Four Of Social Media: Using Them For Serious Business

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Business-Building Action From Terry Brock

Social Media is growing fast because it addresses needs people have in real life. Businesses can grow which meet the same requirement. By leveraging the communication and connection abilities of prospects and customers your business can grow — but you have to do it right.

Social Media has its own “Big Four.” If you have a successful presence here, you will do well. Without some kind of presence here you will miss out on opportunities.

Here are the key players in Social Media and some specifics you can use to squeeze the maximum from them for bottom-line business profit


This is a network you need to not only be involved with but also know well. For business here are some important pointers:
1. Get a Fan Page. This will give you the ability to connect with an interested community who wants to know about you.
2. Keep it updated. No more “once a month” entries, please! You need to keep it fresh with relevant, compelling content in your area of growth. For instance, a dentist could use Facebook to talk about new research and important dental care ideas. A hardware store could provide helpful tips for remodeling.
3. Treat Facebook like a mini-website—because it is. You can — and should — place relevant pictures, stories, videos and audios here. Link to those that are good on your website.


Think of Linkedin as a prestigious country club where you finally were able to join.

1. Treat it respectfully. This is where you want to help people with serious business concerns. Finding an expert is helpful. Helping others with job searches (both candidates and employers).
2. Don’t spam. Don’t use it as a platform to hawk your stuff. Remember it is like the prestigious country club where you connect with others first on a personal basis. Business flows from that.
3. Keep up to date with what others are doing. A quick “Congratulations on the new position” kind of note is appropriate. Use Linkedin as a tool to stay in touch in a favorable way.


This is the tool to send out short (140 character max – 120 character preferred) messages. You can use it in a variety of ways.

1. Monitor what is popular. Watch the trends to see what others are tweeting about. Don’t just blabber about your new products. Get to know what others like and need.
2. Search. This is a WOW! You can find trends by searching key phrases. You can use the “looking for a ___” to find people looking for someone with your expertise.
3. Get advice. A tweet that says, “Does anyone have experience with the Oogaboger 342Q unit?” can help you find out about what others think before you make a purchase.
4. Use HootSuite to monitor Twitter as well as Facebook and Linkedin postings. It is a great time-saver and resource finder.


Not everyone thinks of YouTube as part of social media but it is strong. This is a way for you to communicate your message quickly, easily and inexpensively (not a bad combination!). Specifically, remember to:

1. Get your channel. This is where prospects can learn about what you do and follow it.
2. Watch what the competition is doing — literally. Do a search on your competition. Learn and grow from it. Remember, there are no secrets on the Internet.
3. Link prospects to secret postings. With YouTube you can restrict the number of people who can see a video. Make it a private showing and only a few people can see it. Very nice for promotion and connection!

There are a lot more tips you can use but these can get you started and even tweak some of what you’re doing. The Big Four of Social Media can help you generate serious business. Use them wisely.

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